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The GR20 Corsica

The Corsican GR20 is one of the finest long distant mountain walks in Europe. It stretches some 200km from Calenzana in the north to Conca in the south. The route covers 15 stages and involves a lot of  scrambling particularly on the northen section  with some 44,000 ft being climbed. These are a small selection of shots that I took in the Summer of 2011 when Wendy and I completed the trip.  Mind you we didn’t  do it in 15 days, Wendy’s boots fell apart after 2 days (the granite rocks are brutal) and we had to retreat to Calvi buy new boots and then make our way back on to the route which cost us an extra couple of days. For info the Foreign Legion regularly use the walk as a training exercise completing the course in 7 days!

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Graham Shorrock Fine Art Photography

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